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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Important Tips in Freelance Modeling

Competition in the modeling world has never been tighter with the ever changing set of standards when it comes to what modeling agencies are looking for in a model. From age range to ethnic background, from skin type to body structure, from catwalk style to individual personality, these criteria have already evolved and have favored the non-typical looking aspiring or established model.


It is basically a dog-eat-dog world out there as far as landing a contract with a modeling agency is concerned. Even a crash course or formal schooling in modeling would not even guarantee you a golden ticket to be always cast for a fashion show or high-fashion magazine spread shoot. So, if you want to make your way into this demanding and very nitpicky modeling business on your own, freelancing would be a road that you have to prepare yourself not only with beauty but also with a handful of brains. You should always be on the lookout for scams and pitfalls in the very glamorous yet dark world of modeling. In the meantime, just hang on and read these important freelance modeling tips on how you can breeze yourself through as a model:

1. Vary Your Options


As a freelance model, you have the advantage to intensify your depth in terms of what you are capable of. What I mean with this is that do not limit yourself to one category of modeling only. Expand your portfolio instead of limiting to a certain image that would typecast you to only one or two categories. Depending on what direction you are heading to, be sure to vary your image presentation in freelance castings, from commercial/print to runway or from fitness and sports to swimwear. So prepare the appropriate photos, comp cards, portfolios and, even, business cards.

2. Be Your Own Booking Agent


Being a freelance model entails you to manage and keep up opportunities for a modeling gig. Although this may work to your advantage because you can create your network of clients without getting your pay being cut out on a commission for your agent, you have to be extremely responsible in communicating with clients through emails or phone calls. You should be able to organize correspondence really well so as not to procrastinate and or leave a client hanging. Since no one represents you, you should take care of submitting your portfolio, headshots or resume to prospective clients.

3. Get Paid after a Job Well Done!


Be sure to clear up the idea of getting paid after an effortful modeling work may it be on print or the runway. Though you are working on a freelance basis you must be able to require, if not demand, for payment after a modeling gig. So even before you accept an offer do clear out the payment mode after your work has been done. Piece of advice: Do not accept personal checks! You cannot trust people all the time with this kind of payment scheme. This might even become a pitfall on your part. As much as possible, require monetary compensation from your client in the most polite and unaggressive way.

4. Stick to a Worthy Client


Sometimes promises are made to be broken. This is possible to some clients who would call you up and book you for a gig but it does not happen at all. Some would book you on a show or a photo shoot but ending up with a non-standard payment rate. It sucks though but these are just some of the realities that most freelance models encounter in the hopes of landing legitimate modeling gigs. To avoid this predicament, you should be able to nail down an agreement with a client in the most upfront yet polite way so that it would be a win-win situation for you and your client.

5. Show Firmness


Though you are a freelance model, show that you are professional at an utmost level so as to show that you take your job seriously. This would be a sign to your client that you don’t want to be taken advantage in one way or another but rather you want to take negotiations seriously with them. If a client talks you into something that would not be in favor to you and would even be uncomfortable then decline the offer with grace and professionalism.

6. Create a Network of Industry People


Always keep in mind to hand out your business card and send your appreciation to casting directors, photographers or agents through either phone calls or emails. You can even tell them that you would be always available for them for future projects without even sucking up. This is one way for you to show your high level of professionalism and even create a positive impression to your client for future work or referral to another.

7. Keep Good Habits Tucked In

Since you work as a freelance model, this would mean a lot of work from you to land on modeling gigs really. This calls for your efficiency when it comes to answering phone calls or emails. Also keep up a very positive and fun attitude in dealing with them. All these would create an impression on your part that you are a highly dependable person. - Freelance Guide Australia



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